2020 Year In Review
2020 brought with it many successes and we attribute these to our client partnerships and the great people and processes with which we worked.
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2020 Year In Review

2020 Year In Review Blog

2020 Year In Review

Welcome 2021!  I think everyone would say that we are grateful that 2020 is over but there were some great parts too.

2020 brought with it many successes and we attribute these to our client partnerships and the great people and processes with which we worked.

We at VSG Commerce™ (VSG) look forward to 2021 and focusing on our objectives of building customer-centric experiences, extending commerce platforms and supporting production environments to grow revenues for our clients.

We look forward to working hard and creating new successes in 2021 and beyond for our clients.

Let’s take a look at some of our 2020 Successes:


Air Liquide – PWA

After our client, a world leader in gases, technologies and services for Industry and Health launched their Oracle Commerce Cloud website for B2B accounts with VSG Commerce last year, they quickly approached building a unique, online/offline mobile application to support their over 600 Depots where end users may exchange empty gas cylinders.  In addition to supporting the standard B2B functionality of the core site, it allows these independent operators to scan cylinders for purchase with signatures as well as audit inventory.  VSG Commerce utilized the latest Progressive Web Application development approach to ensure it runs across any device without being tied to Apple and Android restrictions.  With testing completed, the application will be rolled out in February to the field who are anxiously awaiting this productivity game changer!

Allen Brothers

Building upon their initial site launch that introduced personalized B2C and B2B sites, this specialty food distributor launched subsequent phases in which checkout, major integrations and rollouts of strategic regions were implemented.  Our Client had done the preparations and stood ready to meet the demands of the pandemic.  As a result, they have experienced holiday season level sales for months during COVID-19 as customers ordered online instead of venturing to the store.

Pure Formulas Upgrade

In a year filled with pandemic concerns, online shoppers looked for vitamin and supplement products to ensure their bodies were well-balanced.  They also wanted a company focused on dedication to the customer with a guarantee of service perfection to supply those vitamins and supplements. VSG Commerce worked with client, Pure Formulas, to upgrade their enterprise investment in Oracle Commerce plus implement a Headless UX to absorb the additional site traffic and optimize their operational effectiveness.

AW Properties

In the fast-paced online auction sales world, our client offers a full suite of best in class commercial and residential real estate consulting, brokerage and auction services.  Their new web site launched this fall to better meet the demands of their customers by providing a sleek new design with advantages that are difficult to achieve through a traditional sale.  This new site combines efficiency and convenience with the competitive bidding process that accelerates sales and maximizes value.

Cajun Meats

With recipes handed down for many generations in Louisiana, our client loves sharing their culinary delights with their customers.  They wanted to better meet the demands of their customers by providing improved shipping options, order management as well as an updated modern design.  Partnering with VSG Commerce™ to design, develop and implement the WordPress with WooCommerce solution allowed them to focus on improving the user experience through enhanced design, usability and delivery options.

Frontier Communications

As Frontier Communications looked to grow their nationwide business around consumer and small business internet, phone and TV business services, they selected Sitecore as the best solution for online marketing for content and user experience. VSG Commerce was selected as a key partner based on our application, infrastructure and analytics experience and continues to support their growing roadmap.

Regal Beloit

As a leading manufacturer of electric motors, electrical motion controls, power generations and power transmission products throughout the world, our client launched on the Sitecore Experience Commerce platform to better meet the needs of their customers.  They combined nine iStores with different business rules into one web site to represent “One Company”.  They continue to work on creating a better tomorrow producing energy efficient products and services to improve the productivity of our society and also reduce the power required to deliver the motion.


The utilization of diverse solutions to meet rapidly changing needs has led our client to invest in innovation and an expansion of capabilities.  They stand poised for even greater success as their new site, built on Oracle’s Commerce Cloud, delivers greater self-service functionality to their customers by allowing them to view orders, invoices and manage quotes.  Their commitment is to helping their customers through functionality and efficiency.

To learn how VSG can help you grow your eCommerce channel in 2021 and beyond, contact VSG today or call 847-854-5990 x102.