Ambassador Referral Program
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Our Ambassador Program

VSG Commerce is a professional services company who partners with top content, commerce, and experience software providers to launch online sites for B2B and B2C clients.


For the past 20 years, VSG Commerce’s experienced team has delivered more than 250 sites to consumers, retail customers, distributors, sales teams, and manufacturers


VSG Commerce works tirelessly on behalf of our clients and understands the value you’ve created with them. We assure you we will provide added value and treat your lead with respect and share value knowledge with them regardless of the outcome.

Demonstrated Capabilities

VSG Commerce product displays Our Work to show the breadth and depth of the sites built for clients. We’ve added videos to some to show the true character and impact provided.


Encompassing the full life-cycle of client engagement, the VSG Commerce methodology drives on-time, on-budget delivery of world-class solutions.


We ask you to provide only warm, qualified leads to us who have an online initiative within the next year and we will provide you with updates on progress as a part of our sales and project process.

Collaborative Success

As partners, we want to insure our Ambassadors are successful whether this is your first lead or an ongoing discussion with us. Hopefully you become a part of our ecosystem of Friends and Partners!


Simply Complete these 4 Easy Steps to Get Started

  • 1


    Sign the ambassador program contract

  • 2


    Fill out the referral form to connect us to a prospective client

  • 3


    Prospective client signs a project contract with us

  • 4


    Get paid after the client pays the first invoice for up to 1 year of invoices

What makes a qualified referral?

VSG Commerce is looking for quality referrals* in all sizes of businesses across industries such as manufacturing, retail (online and brick & mortar), medical devices and supplies, and all types of distribution.

If you have questions or would just like to discuss a potential referral opportunity with us before submitting the referral form, please call us at 847-854-5990 X 102 to speak with Vince Vachio, founder and President of VSG Commerce.

What VSG Commerce Offers Clients


Our digital teams look at a company’s branding to creatively design user experiences which are clear, concise, and productive. We identify ways to transform how users interact via various devices and other channels to generate leads, sales and a steadily improving user adoption.


Our project teams take a thoughtful, structured approach to delivering high-quality results. Our methodology which is a hybrid of waterfall and agile ensures requirements are well documented with our Atlassian toolset of Confluence, JIRA, and Tempo and with over 250 implementations has been refined for various commerce and content solutions.


Our Managed Services focus is flexible to ensure continual support based on client needs and strategies for post Go Live staffing. Our goal is providing exceptional client services which gives you confidence in our partnership over the course of several years.


Who can join our Ambassador Referral Program?

VSG Commerce is looking for quality referrals in all sizes of businesses across industries such as manufacturing, retail (online and brick & mortar), medical devices and supplies, and all types of distribution.

How does the program work?

As a member of the VSG Commerce Ambassador Referral Program, you will receive a 5% – 10% commission on all contract work that we do with your referred client for up to a year of paid invoices.  Payment begins once the client pays the first invoice and is paid via ACH within 14 days of VSG receiving the client’s payment of each subsequent invoice.  The more sizeable the project work, the more you will earn.

Let’s Partner

Please complete this quick form if you would like to learn more about our referral program or to discuss a referral.

    *A Qualified Referral is a person and company that you have an existing relationship with and who is actively looking for solutions partner for an online content or commerce initiative. Any unqualified or “cold” leads will not be considered.