Distributing Confidence
Sportsmith engaged long-time partner, VSG Commerce, to select and implement their next generation Commerce platform on BigCommerce. Learn more.
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Distributing Confidence


Distributing Confidence

The Client: 

Grounded in over 135 years of innovation and service, Sager Electronics has proven success in supporting their customers’ electronic component and custom power, battery and thermal needs. Sager Electronics has built their business on integrity, service and adaptability as an authorized North American distributor and custom solutions provider.

The Project:

The sager.com site was launched on Oracle Commerce using the Open Storefront Framework (OSF) to create a better user experience and provide an improved set of tools for both customers and employees.

Strategic Objectives of the Project were:

  • To establish a better way to move product information for over 5 million SKU’s with updates of over 200,000 items daily
  • To provide content management tools for business users to allow them to make on-demand changes without IT Support
  • To design an improved user experience to find the right product based on better search and faceted navigation
  • To implement ease of onboarding new and existing accounts onto the site to drive industry adoption of online tools


The Solution:

Sager partnered with VSG Commerce to design, develop and implement an Oracle Commerce solution for their online B2B business with a focus on ease of ordering for customers as well as the ability to bring on new product lines and manufacturers quickly and efficiently.

Key Deliverables of the Solution:

  • Integrated Oracle Content Management (OCM) and Oracle Commerce (OCX) to improve
    content management to utilize content in multiple places across the web site.
  • Implemented the ability to easily load vendor data to provide highly complex faceted
    navigation for over 5 Million SKUs
  • Improved the shopping experience to allow for multiple paths to find and review products
    through 1) Manufacturer detail pages that include search/navigation within a manufacturer
    2) Category Landing pages that incorporate search/drilldown within categories 3) Compare
    functionality with the ability to add to cart or quote from Compare 4) Sitewide ability to add
    to quote/submit quote
  • Enhanced the My Account functionality through 1) The addition of a Dashboard-based
    Landing page 2) An upgraded Address Book 3) The ability to save payments 4) The
    implementation of Purchase Lists 5) The capacity to review Invoice History
  • Upgraded account registration/integration to PeopleSoft process for both manual and auto
    approvals with the goal to auto approve and provide cleaner data for the backend system.
  • Developed third party cart integration with other related sites to allow the adding of items to
    one Sager cart


Sager looks forward to utilizing their new platform to provide more products and services allowing them to continue to grow their digital business.