Is PPC a Worthy Investment?
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Is PPC a Worthy Investment?

Is PPC a Worthy Investment Blog

Is PPC a Worthy Investment?

Do you really need to pay for clicks? No…unless you want to reach the rest of your target market.

Sure, some searchers pass by paid links, limiting their search to organic results. But even if your site rises to the top of organic search, many searchers will still choose the paid link – and those searchers may bring revenue to your business. So, if you rely solely on natural search links to drive traffic to your site, you might be missing significant opportunity.

Here are just a few compelling reasons to incorporate PPC into your marketing strategy for generating traffic.

FAST. You can quickly:

• Get into and out of the market
• Manipulate keywords to those driving conversions
• Change bid prices

FLEXIBLE. You can:

• Turn on/off campaigns for seasonality, new product launches, promotions, short-term initiatives, or time-sensitive campaigns
• Change ad copy
• Change landing pages
• Change the number of keywords

UNLIMITED. You can target a wide range of keywords via:

• Misspellings
• Brand
• Competitors
• Plurals


• Adhere to budgets
• Manage to ROI, CPA, and other goals


• Budget
• Landing pages, ad copy, keywords
• Targets, geographically and/or day and time
• Search engines
• Duration
• Insight into originating search queries

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