Sitecore OrderCloud Accelerator
VSG Impact, our B2B2C Accelerator site for Sitecore OrderCloud and Sitecore Discover, has “ready to go” assets with unlimited enhancement potential to reduce time to market.
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Sitecore OrderCloud Accelerator

Sitecore OrderCloud Accelerator

Sitecore OrderCloud Accelerator

The Project:

When you need a site NOW, VSG Impact has “ready to go” assets that allow clients to launch quickly and efficiently in order to capitalize on market opportunities.  VSG Impact uses the cloud-based, API-first, headless Commerce architecture from Sitecore’s OrderCloud to allow for unlimited customizations for your digital property. VSG Commerce leveraged the VSG Core Assets combined with our VSG Acceleration process to create a website that is quality-tested and nearly complete. Clients are following our Acceleration process to refine best-practice requirements to create unique, branded, feature-rich sites that are ready to hit the market. This process significantly reduces the time to market for a typical online commerce implementation which means overall cost savings.

VSG Commerce created VSG Impact to help clients save time and money – all while providing a customized Commerce platform for both B2B and B2C businesses.

Strategic Objectives of the Project were:

  • Create a website template with limitless customizations and endless flexibility to help businesses scale to new levels in just 100 days
  • Use AI technology to deliver real-time, personalized responses using Sitecore Discover
  • Implement API headless architecture that connects with a CMS to provide ease of use for business users


The Solution:

VSG Impact allows clients to get a jump on the competition by getting to market faster as well as future-proofing their website with a platform that will scale and expand with their business needs.

Key Deliverables of the Solution:

  • Empowering developers to build user experiences using a REACT architecture
  • Connecting with the backend through API calls to allow businesses to use different
    databases and reuse components
  • Utilizing API technology to deliver real-time personalized product recommendations, search
    results, and merchandising based on each shopper’s purchase intent
  • Incorporating limitless customizations and features in areas such as:
    – Order management
    – Product catalogs
    – Pricing
    – Inventory visibility
    – Customer data management
    – User management
    – Analytics
  • Implementing API headless architecture that connects with a CMS to provide customization and flexibility, SEO integration, and scalability across multi-sites


Click here for more details on our solution.

Get to market faster when you launch your storefront via VSG Impact with limitless customizations and features.  Call us today at 847-854-5990 ext 102.