Tame & Manage an Octopus of Websites
Unify all the arms of your online channels with a centralized architecture. See how VSG can help.
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Tame & Manage an Octopus of Websites

Tame and Manage an Octopus of Websites Blog

Tame & Manage an Octopus of Websites

Multiple consumer sites. Various employee intranets. More URLs than you care to count.

An online presence with so many arms can feel like an unruly octopus. Just as you wrangle in one waving tentacle, two or three new ones appear, reaching and growing in different directions. Your challenges seem to multiply:

• How can you efficiently develop, maintain, and deploy numerous websites?
• How do you avoid duplicate efforts and redundant expenditures?
• With so many people involved and such diverse interests at stake, how do you maintain consistency and ensure quality?

The answer, for even the most complex companies and brands, is to unify all the arms of your online channels with a centralized architecture.

At VSG Commerce™ (VSG), we encourage clients to use the Oracle Commerce Cloud solution which provides industry-leading content management, eCommerce, search, and experience capabilities – along with unified multi-site architecture to allow for shared commerce and personalization resources between sites. This approach offers:

• A common structure for all sites – both internal and external – with flexibility to manage and respond to different line-of-business requirements.
• A springboard for site development, which makes creating and maintaining new sites more efficient and less expensive.

This solution paves the way for greater productivity, faster time to market, lower development and maintenance costs, and consistent branding across multiple sites. In short, it’s a way to tame your company’s eBusiness octopus. To learn more, contact VSG today. 847-854-5990 x102.