UI and UX – What are they and why are they so important?
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UI and UX – What are they and why are they so important?

UX and UI - What are they and why are they so important Blog

UI and UX – What are they and why are they so important?

UI and UX – what is the difference?

User Interface (UI) design and User Experience (UX) design are two sides of the same coin, in that both are necessary to improve user interaction with a product or service. The UI side can be more subjective. It focuses on the visual elements to ensure they are pleasing to the eye and drive engagement. The UX side is more objective, focusing on overall usability and accessibility. Based on best practices and research, UX design is about creating a positive experience and reducing friction for the user to achieve their desired goals on the site. Good UX design means that the user will feel the website is working with them to accomplish their tasks, rather than against them.

How do you go about creating good UI and UX design?

Design is all about creating a solution to a problem. Business needs and technical restrictions are two additional factors that require consideration within the design process. To create good UI and UX, designers need to get into the mindset of a user to anticipate their needs and actions. At times this can be challenging for the designer as they work to uncover all the nuances of the clients’ businesses. By asking objective questions, the designer can be a catalyst for clients to step back and see things from a user perspective, which in turn helps the designer deliver designs to meet the users’ needs.

Do UI and UX end once the website launches?

Absolutely not! This is a great time to monitor user feedback and plan for incremental releases that can help alleviate any unforeseen pain points. Test and analyze everything – both with internal and external users. Determine if the desired KPIs and metrics have been met. Ask if the design is solving the initial problem. Make any desired changes then continue the test and analyze process for the subsequent changes. It’s an ongoing process!

Why are UI and UX so important?

When users come to your site, you only have seconds to engage them. Good UI and UX design are necessary to quickly build trust, brand recognition and promote user retention. If you can accurately identify what your users want from your site plus what they may want in the future, you can improve conversion, encourage engagement, create loyalty, produce referrals and decrease development costs. All of which contribute significantly to your bottom-line ROI.

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