VSG Commerce Managed Services – Ongoing Commitment to Support and Maintenance
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VSG Commerce Managed Services – Ongoing Commitment to Support and Maintenance

VSG Commerce Managed Services Blog

VSG Commerce Managed Services – Ongoing Commitment to Support and Maintenance

To the digital commerce experts at VSG Commerce (VSG), each and every facet of our process is important because we know it can create success for your business. Just one of the many services we offer to you and your business is our ongoing support, which we call our VSG Commerce Managed Services.

Our Managed Services focus is the continued support and maintenance of your technology investment and environment. We provide 24/7 Application Monitoring & Support, Deployment Management and Performance Tuning of your production environment.

VSG Commerce Managed Services can support your existing application architecture and help build the foundation for future growth. The following is a comprehensive list of the VSG Commerce Managed Services and a bit about what they can do for you.

Change Requests and Enhancements – Minor tasks to help the business implement their elected site changes as part of the ongoing process of keeping their site fresh. This may include tasks such as minor functional enhancements that do not require in-depth design or implementation.

• Ongoing Content, Product and Promotional Changes – The overall hands-on maintenance of the site might be something the business team would like to delegate as an administrative function. VSG assists clients to insure maximum value for their initiative.

• Capacity Planning – Includes a capacity planning session with VSG systems experts resulting in a recommendation for additional capacity required to meet your peak season demands.

• Operational Management Services – This includes date deployments, asset deployments, application configuration changes, batch or scripted changes.

Thanks to services such as these, you are able to continually and effectively update and optimize your eCommerce website.

We don’t just want to build you a website. We want to build you a successful website. And here at VSG, we believe that the best way to achieve that is through continuous open communication and the use of our Managed Services.

Our many years of experience and expertise can help make your next eCommerce move a smart one. Give us a call at 847-854-5990 ext 102.