What Your Email Marketing Should Say
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What Your Email Marketing Should Say

What Your Email Marketing Should Say Blog

What Your Email Marketing Should Say

In this age of social and mobile channels, email may sound like an old-school communication tool. But email still holds a place in eCommerce marketing. It’s an effective and inexpensive way to reach people. And with the data mining powers of a tool like Oracle Commerce, email can become a highly personalized, targeted connection with your customers.

To personalize their email marketing campaigns, smart businesses dig deep into customer data, mining for details that help them reach the right people and predict buying decisions.

How do these smart marketers know which bits of data to choose? One word:


Here are four places to turn for data that will reveal what’s relevant to your customers – and equip you to create highly personalized email marketing messages:

• Web interaction data. Pages visited, carts abandoned, applications completed. They all signal what the customer is in the market to buy, thus allowing you to target your email content to products that will sell.
• Past purchase data. The item your customer buys today is a strong indicator of purchases they could make tomorrow. Predict those needs and tailor your follow-up to suggest a personalized next step. For example, after Joe Customer orders a laptop, send him an email outlining special offers for a case, wireless mouse, or virus protection. Draw him toward that next purchase.
• Profile data. Even the simplest profiles reveal important details about your customers’ lives and habits. Are you capturing basics like gender, age, or location? Use that data to tailor your marketing to the person. For example, if Janet Customer lives in Florida or Hawaii, you probably don’t need to include her in your fluffy down coat campaign this December.
• Email data. Pay attention to where users click, and which of those clicks become converted sales. Then use that information to improve the design and content of your email messages.

Personalized communications engage customers and give them a positive experience with your business – which results in conversions and loyalty.

To learn how VSG Commerce™ can help you create more personalized email marketing campaigns, contact us today or call 847-854-599 x102.