Wholesale Cabinets – Save Money, Save Time!
Wholesale Cabinets partnered with VSG Commerce to launch the wholesalecabinets.us site on Magento Open Source 2.4.3 and to allow for restructuring of their catalog. Learn more.
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Wholesale Cabinets – Save Money, Save Time!

Wholesale Cabinets – Save Money, Save Time!

The Client: 

Located in Naples, Florida, Wholesale Cabinets is a nationwide distributor of RTA (Ready To Assemble) Cabinets as well as Pre-Assembled Cabinets.  With RTA, customers save money.  With Pre-Assembled, customers save time.  Wholesale Cabinets offers both at guaranteed best prices along with free design consultations and quotes.

The Project:

The wholesalecabinets.us site was launched on Magento Open Source 2.4.3 to update from Magento 1 and to allow for restructuring of their catalog in order to bring on new product lines and manufacturers quickly and efficiently.

Key Deliverables of the Solution:

  • Enhanced complex product listing with floating cart and best in class UX to support the ease of purchasing by style.  Sample Product Page:

  • Included the ability to upload designs and showcase an inspiration gallery

  • Developed a checkout pipeline beyond out-of-the-box functionality that supports specific Shipping and Payment requirements as well as backordered items.
  • Moved to a Single Page Application (SPA)/Progressive Web Application (PWA) to directly improve performance
  • Restructured the catalog including removing superfluous categories, simplifying category to category and category to product relationships and building configurable products based on multiple attributes.


Wholesale Cabinets is excited about this upgrade and the enhanced functionality it provides.  They look forward to discovering better ways of doing more to continue to grow their online business.

VSG Commerce™ can deliver the guidance, skills and services to support your implementation and use of the Adobe Commerce solution.  Plus, our value doesn’t end at go-live.  Our partnership with you will continue to demonstrate long-term value by improving your sales and providing greater service.

Contact us today to get started on Adobe Commerce.  847-854-5990 x102.