Why Choose Oracle Commerce Cloud?
Building on the Oracle Commerce Cloud platform can not only deliver on customer expectations but can also provide a foundation for future growth. Learn how VSG can help.
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Why Choose Oracle Commerce Cloud?

Why Choose Oracle Commerce Cloud Blog

Why Choose Oracle Commerce Cloud?

Two words: Customer Expectations!

The way customers interact with retailers has changed. They don’t just appreciate but expect features such as a personalized and streamlined customer experience, easy-to-use product search with simplified conversion, overnight shipping, and in-store pick-up. Your website has to provide a unified experience, with technology facilitating seamless sharing of information. If you miss this opportunity, people move on…..fast!

Seize the Opportunity

You need technology solutions that generate an acceptable return on investment while providing a foundation for future business initiatives. This is true whether your company has legacy in retail stores, manages an online-only endeavor or balances some combination of the two.

Where to turn? Oracle Commerce Cloud and VSG Commerce™

Whether you’re starting or upgrading your online initiative, we’ll give you four compelling reasons to choose the Oracle Commerce Cloud platform and we’ll explain how VSG Commerce’s guidance can help you draw maximum value from the solution.

4 Reasons to Choose Oracle Commerce Cloud and VSG Commerce

Oracle Commerce Cloud provides the foundation for online interaction in eCommerce. Here are four reasons to choose Oracle Commerce Cloud:

• No other eCommerce platform offers such complete tool sets for Content Management, Catalog Merchandising, Promotions, and Personalization.
• No other eCommerce platform has the R&D backbone to ensure that, year after year, the solution will continue to grow and evolve.
• No other software company has the breadth of products to deliver a unified experience for multi-channel business.
• No other software company will commit so much time to provide a value assessment, educate your organization, and guide your company on this important journey.

Thanks to years of experience and close partnership with Oracle, VSG Commerce delivers the guidance, skills, and services to support your implementation and use of Oracle Commerce Cloud. And our value doesn’t end at go-live. Our solutions demonstrate long-term value by improving our clients’ sales and providing greater service to their customers.

Ready to seize the opportunity? Contact us to find out how this can become your company’s reality. 847-854-5990 x102