Why consider Oracle Commerce Open Storefront Framework…
Let VSG Commerce support your conversion to Oracle Open Storefront Framework to create a site that is faster and easier to develop, manage and expand.
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Why consider Oracle Commerce Open Storefront Framework…

Why consider Oracle Commerce Open Storefront Framework…

Since the beginning of 2021, VSG Commerce™ has been doing multiple projects with Oracle Open Storefront Framework (OSF) with clients.  As Oracle says, OSF gives customers the ability to “build fast commerce sites, fast.”  With OSF, you not only get all the benefits of Oracle Commerce, but your commerce site will be faster and easier to develop, manage, load and expand.

VSG Commerce has retooled to build in React and is enabling clients to perform the conversion to OSF while they are completing other projects.  We highly recommend that clients get this on their radar and convert as soon as possible so they can start utilizing the advantages offered with OSF.

Per The Official Oracle Commerce Cloud Blog, OSF has a number of benefits, including:

  • Enabling front-end developers to deliver faster, more responsive, richer user experiences
  • Being built in React, but allowing flexibility to develop in any front-end library of choice without fear of lock-in
  • Leveraging the fully-featured CX Commerce solution with drag-and-drop experience tools, context-aware preview, personalization, content, merchandising, search, catalog, inventory, A/B testing, reporting, and more
  • Providing a clean separation between the presentation layer and the state model to support local development and testing
  • Allowing micro (not macro) updates to simplify how experiences are assembled and delivered with reusable, granular components to create, swap, and go without writing code.


With our many years of experience building content, commerce and experience sites, VSG Commerce can deliver the guidance, skills and services to support your conversion to OSF.  Ready to start taking advantage of the OSF capabilities?  Contact us today.  847-854-5990 x102.