Why Use Adobe (Magento) Commerce as you Start/Grow
Adobe Commerce offers you many ways to achieve online sales and service success. , VSG Commerce can deliver the guidance and skills to support your implementation.
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Why Use Adobe (Magento) Commerce as you Start/Grow

Why Use Adobe (Magento) Commerce as you Start/Grow

The Adobe Commerce Decision

The world has changed dramatically over the past year in the way in which companies do business online.  It is now a digital first world and there is no going back.  Companies are looking at commerce solutions in new ways to fit this new world.  They want to create a more personalized, simplified online buying experience.  At VSG Commerce™, we’ve found that the case for Adobe Commerce powered by Magento is clear.  Every company is unique and sometimes their requirements and budget capabilities don’t fit with SaaS platforms.  They know over time that they will want to grow into a larger suite of online marketing tools.  One of the major selling points of Adobe Commerce is its flexibility. You have complete control to mold the platform to what you need.


Seize the Opportunity

Adobe Commerce offers you many ways to achieve online sales and service success.  As a company’s initiatives begin, VSG Commerce has the ability to build a proof of concept to warrant using the Open Source version of Adobe Commerce powered by Magento.  If the business objectives are ready to be achieved and the organization has elevated goals, it’s imperative that your company considers Adobe Commerce running within the Adobe Cloud in order to accelerate time to market and provide the operational support your site requires.  In either scenario, VSG Commerce can support you with the design, development and support you need.

Why Choose Adobe Commerce Cloud and VSG Commerce?

Adobe Commerce Cloud provides the foundation for online interaction in eCommerce through the following 5 pillars used as guideposts to deliver advanced, multi-channel commerce deeply integrated with best-in-class experiences.


  1. Superior Shopping Experiences are provided through rich, contextual experiences that accelerate sales in every channel.
  2. Multi-Channel Commerce is provided to support the widest range of digital business models and buyer journeys.
  3. Intelligent Commerce is powered by Adobe Sensei to optimize business outcomes with intelligent experiences and insights.
  4. Extensible and Integrated platform allows companies to efficiently deploy and maintain customized processes and integrations to solve unique business challenges and preserve your competitive advantages.
  5. Frictionless Platform and Infrastructure allows companies to rapidly innovate and grow at a lower total cost of ownership with a highly scalable, reliable, and secure platform.


Recently, Adobe Commerce announced these key enhancements to the platform which VSG Commerce has already worked to achieve:

  • PWA Studio to ensure your design and user experience are world-class to better serve your users
  • Site Analysis Tools to assist in reporting on best practices to be followed
  • Smart Search Enhancements via Sensei
  • New Features for B2B and B2B2C to allow for complete solutions
  • Built-in Signing Capabilities for those situations where you have documents and compliance requirements


Due to our many years of experience building content, commerce and experience sites, VSG Commerce can deliver the guidance, skills and services to support your implementation and use of Adobe Commerce Cloud.  Plus, our value doesn’t end at go-live.  Our partnership with you will continue to demonstrate long-term value by improving your sales and providing greater service.

Ready to seize the opportunity?  Contact us to find out how this can become your company’s reality.  847-854-5990 x102.